My Kind Of Introduction: Simple DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids The main cost was the three t-shirts I bought for the ghost costumes. There are four main ghost. The best thing about this day is there is love in the air and romance blooms. The best part is the “or Padre” for just in case you decide you wanna change it up. This is often the case when a child decides they relate to and want to be just like any given character they see in the movies or on television. Unless you are not a banana purist, in which case I guess you can just sew through all the layers like a maniac, because seriously, what sane person is not a banana purist? 3. Using fabric glue, get a cos glue the blue circles to the white ovals to make them look like eyes. It was maybe like if a couple of Iron Chefs got together some weekend with a theme ingredient for some sort of exhibition.

But don’t forget, once you’ve chosen the perfect hipster baby costume, you’ve got to have the perfect hipster parent costume to match! For this costume, all you need is a mustard-colored dress with a red crop top to get his signature look. I bought Ewan’s monkey (Curious George) costume, and modified existing things for Bryce’s Man-in-the-yellow-hat costume, but I made McGirlie’s baby banana costume! Russell’s outfit had so many little things to put together. Adding spurs can really help complete the outfit though. And now at last this ridiculous Halloween night is over and we can focus on good holidays instead!

Last night was one of the biggest events on the Optimo calender, Optimo Espookio. Pick the one that speaks to you most (we’re pretty partial to the classic angel and devil BFF costumes), and celebrate October 31 exactly how you want to: with candy, some fun pumpkin carving, and a great costume! Here’s a great tutorial right here for gals who want to go all out. I am especially jealous of those parents of dogs and children who consent to team up in their Halloween theme, because a dog-and-kid costume is just deadly cute. We even ended up winning a free pizza for having an awesome costume.

I even washed the t-shirts and the eyes stayed on. If you don’t have fabric glue you can always sew the eyes onto the t-shirts. You can use regular scissors, fabric scissors just cut the material easier. If you don’t have any fabric glue you can use a sharpie or fabric marker to draw the pupils on the eyeballs. Draw Ms. Pac-man’s eye and beauty mark. 3. Using a black sharpie, draw Pac-man’s eye. 4. Using fabric scissors, cut the bottom of the t-shirts off in a zig-zag pattern. 4. Using a hole punch, punch two holes in the top of Pac-man and two holes in the top of Ms. Pac-man.

This year for Halloween (2017) my family dressed up as Pac-man. Pac-man was not only a big hit but it was easy to make and it was cheap. We were a big hit with the adults and I was surprised at how many kids actually knew who we were and complemented us on our costumes. Dress up as everyone’s favorite founding father and you’ll be sure to be a smash hit as well. Everyone’s favorite doctor is sure to be the best Halloween costume of the year. The best part about it is it didn’t leave me feeling pumpkin’d out.

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