Buy several items and layer them, sweaters etc…Don’t miss the shoes, grab an old pair of shoes and scuff them up with a wire brush or by scraping them on pavement. I started by cutting a pair of curved green pieces several inches wider and longer than a basic collar from a pattern in my daughter’s size (that I had on hand). I hand stitched a button to the corner opposite the elastic loop for my neck closure. I used sewn-in hook & eyes for the closure. Tape or glue these together and put them on your beanie, creating three alien eyes. For the jack o’lantern face I used some black fleece scraps and cut some slightly rounded triangles for the eyes and nose. Black fingerless gloves are an optional extra. For couples, and individuals, there are tons of super easy last minute costume options!

The Incredibles is a power house of super power and brains. I didn’t want to have to buy a pattern (out of a combination of pride & thriftiness), so I came up with this DIY design instead. If you don’t want to go out to a store and buy a costume, there are some outfits that you can make with materials you have at home. You may have seen Rosie The Riveter before, but there is a really good reason. There are some really awesome tricks to get Cindy’s anti-gravity locks. But whether it’s for a party or socially-distant trick-or-treating, there are still some options for movie-lovers.

There is plenty of DIY costume inspiration to get you crafting for Halloween! There are many fabulous ways to create a plush and Christmasy cloak. If you are one of us, then this season is your perfect excuse to go become one! To get the rounded shape I used my French curve design ruler and expanded the sides a bit further out and then curved them inward. To get the overall shape and sizing right I used a raglan-sleeved A-line dress my daughter had in her closet. With right sides facing I stitched all the way around with a 1/4 inch seam allowance, leaving one end open and then trimmed down the raw edges with pinking shears. The stem top was just a tall rectangle, folded in half & stitched down the side, then pulled so the top seam would be perpendicular to the side seam and a bit curved.

I folded the raw edges of the hem inward the same way and topstitched, but left a gap about 3 inches wide. I inserted the lining sleeves into the outers, folded the raw edges inward about 1/2 inch and topstitched them together. I folded it in half and hand cut the pointed edges. I slipstitched it to the base, then hand sewed that to the headband and it was done. A knitting needle helped poke out the points and I slipstitched the opening closed by hand. I tucked the open end under and inserted a curled a small pipe cleaner (done by winding around a knitting needle tucking the fold under the stem).

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