The Thai Buddhist and his Thai Buddhist family did peculiar things, like setting offerings of coffee to the statue of Buddha every morning or saying Pali prayers—words sounding like gravel—which the boy never understood the meaning of. I’ve watched this cartoon at least a hundred times, but I never tire of my son’s excitement, of his laughter, which is like a sort of enlightenment. This cartoon sends my son into an ecstatic jumping frenzy. In the past, costume store he’s posted videos of his son and daughter in eye-catching outfits like a Rock ‘Em “Sock” ‘Em Robot and the victim of a piranha feeding frenzy. You’ll feel like the intergalactic hero dressed up in his top, pants, cloak, amour and gloves.

Apple Plus’ “Ted Lasso” is the feel good series of 2020, and also a delightfully easy costume. So when Mycroft Tapey mentioned that the ideal costume would be Willis Tower ºand a vampire, the parents just rolled with it. What were his parents to do when their son talked so excitedly about Halloween? But now they had a son in America, who went to American schools, hung out with weird American boys, halloween costumes online yearned for American fast food and American things. There are many saints who gave away their lives for the cause of Christianity. There are many types of costumes available for both boys and girls in the Iron Man Costumes category. Ira Sukrungruang on the costumes we wear. American Boy was a costume he wanted to wear permanently. American Boy was popular.

Not Thai boy. Or Thai American Boy. American Boy was cool. American Boy would not pray to Buddha the way his mother taught him to, asking to be reborn in the same family, asking for safety in this strange country; instead, he’d pay homage to Frankenstein. In October we were on edge, my father double-checking if the doors were locked, my mother praying to the Buddha in our living room for protection. October used to be a somber month. October brought a sense of dislocation. Sometimes, a mash-up costume is short on sense but long on sweetness. Everyone loves a good punny Halloween costume — and why wouldn’t they?

It can be frustrating to dress during your pregnancy on a good day, let alone for a specific themed event. If you’re the master of a good pun or can transform into a character from your favorite sitcom, then skip the scary costume and this time opt for something funny instead. After a trip to the craft store for pipe cleaners, felt and stuffing, Cait was able to make the costume in a couple of hours. Mom Nico fashioned the tower out of a giant swath of black felt and white piping, and the vampire piece was as easy as face paint and fake teeth. I got long tube socks from target and painted the maroon and gold stripes on the top with acrylic paint. For this costume, all you need is a mustard-colored dress with a red crop top to get his signature look. When Emily Boylan’s architecture-loving daughter asked to be the Sears Tower this year, Emily found a way to get the whole family involved: dress up as the Chicago skyline.

Disney has been around for several decades and each year, the characters that are created teach both valuable lessons and inspire a fierce amount of imagination in our children. Last year, Anna Pieta’s 6-year-old son, Luka, dressed up as Kris Bryant. There are even a few easy last-minute costumes for couples who waited until the last minute to settle on their Halloween attire — we’re not pointing fingers, just stating the inevitable. Because we were the first family of color on the block back then, our house was the perfect bull’s-eye for eggs and shaving cream, especially on the last day of the month. Tiana Kubik found the perfect way to pair her son’s love of all things racecar with her family’s love of Chicago. Fatherhood does this. It makes you love things you never thought you would.

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