Halloween might look very different this year, with much of the world still social distancing, Get A Cos but that doesn’t mean that you can’t slip into your finest costume and hit a Zoom party in style. Friendly monsters Mike and Sulley have to get Boo back to her own world before anyone discovers her presence. I distinctly remember being in Rome, telling Mike I was going to pick up ketchup and mustard costumes for us at the Kmart up the road when we got home. That’s why we’ve found crafty costumes that make great inspiration for teachers. You can make it slide on over your head or attach in two pieces so it wraps around your body before securing with tape or ties. Head out to the paint supply cupboard or linen closet for an old white sheet, rip or cut it into shreds and wrap yourself head to toe. Similarly, you can don gray clothing head to toe, and add an empty gift wrap tube or paper towel roll for your trunk.

Add some non-toxic face paint to complete the look. Then add some easy ears, a tail and face paint for the finishing touches. When choosing a character I always try to look at actual things they wore and accessories they have, and then try to find those pieces cheap separately instead of buying one cheap costume for a very expensive price. One element was a contactless Thrift Shop, aptly located in Salem, MA, that featured Hubie’s mom, Mrs. Dubois, as host and featured an array of “Hubie Halloween” merchandise to explore. Remember, an accurate die adds up to seven on all opposite sides, so five dots are across from two dots, four across from three, and one across from six.

There’s David Rose from Schitt’s Creek, Carole Baskin from Tiger King, and any one of your favorite characters from Cheer. Be everyone’s favorite snow queen with this DIY costume. A plaid shirt alongside a straw hat will help you pull off a scarecrow costume sure to keep the birds at bay. Leggings and a long-sleeve shirt will do the job, too. But that’s about as far as it will go. If fully committing to dressing up isn’t your thing, and you’d prefer to keep things subdued with a Halloween T-shirt, halloween costumes online why not find (or make) a mask that will still capture the spooky spirit?

Scooby Doo turns 50 years old this year and, in classic Hollywood fashion, his face still looks the same. If you don’t have fabric around, look to old linens or clothing you can cut. For the upper body of a robot costume, cut holes in a box for your head, lower body and arms. Be a knight in shining armor for the planet with a cardboard shield, helmet and body armor. If wearing your baby is a part of your daily routine, it may already seem as if they’re a natural extension of your body. Hence him wearing a jar of applesauce.

What exactly does it take to nail a Halloween costume on Zoom, you might ask? You might be surprised what you find that could make for a fun, unique costume. It’s a classic costume for a reason — it’s so easy. Sure, you can always opt for Halloween classics — like a skeleton, witch, pumpkin, or the like — but you don’t have to. If you’re already a teenager, congrats — you barely have to make an effort here. Whatever the case, Casper (1995) is the story of the friendly ghost and his desire to make friends with the new inhabitants in his house.

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