Of course, not all of them are obvious, especially if they’ve been bought at a pop-up store or Party City, where the costumes come in bags are often cheap imitations of famous characters, pop culture icons, halloween websites or recent fads. We also have thousands of party supplies for all sorts of events such as birthdays and parties. This is adorable and you have two choices here for your costume. This adorable Up costume accomplishes both. If waking up with true love’s kiss is more to your liking, you may want to have Princess Aurora’s costume instead. Have your best bud dress up as Michael Scott, and you’ll make the perfect pair. You’ve plotted with them the best candy routes and know the afternoon start time of the wholesome town Halloween parade. 40) with dollar signs to make your baby look like the cutest bag of loot in town.

Is there anything cuter than a baby unicorn and a kitty unicorn? Ketchup packets, Tootsie rolls and sushi are among some of the funniest and most imaginative baby costumes to go on sale this Halloween. We were so thrilled that he wanted to Trick or Treat this year but there are no commercial costumes of these characters. Gentle animated characters, costumed talking puppies, and classic characters from your childhood are all featured here, with no jump scares or other shocks to be found. Because, while I realize I sound like a total drag here, I just can’t get excited about exposing our daughter to blood and gore and sexuality and anonymity.

You see, over the past few weeks, I’ve been reading more and more stories about what I can’t help but feel are really problematic trends in Halloween costumes for kids. Our guest blogger, Rebecca Haines, wrote about this in her post a few days ago; it’s also a topic that I’ve delved into in the past – check out our magazine cover story “Little girls or little women? For the past couple of years, we have made Halloween costumes a family affair. Friendly monsters Mike and Sulley have to get Boo back to her own world before anyone discovers her presence.

Hey, these monsters are actually pretty lovable. If you’re a mom (or dad, for that matter), chances are you’re even more prepared. Let your furry companion be Toto, or if you have more than one pet, consider letting them be flying monkeys or munchkins. Cartoons like Bakugan, Star Wars the Clone Wars and Pokemon are taking over television sets in family living rooms and they are also the more popular costume choices among youngsters these days. This one’s such a great way to recycle old boxes (just be sure not to use bent cardboard) and it makes for a great family craft.

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