This Halloween, costume shop why not copy the style Taylor Swift boasts in the photos for the Folklore album? Though there have been plenty of surprising things about 2020, one of the best surprises we received was a new Taylor Swift album. She is known for going OUT THERE with her costumes, which include but are definitely not limited to sky-high platform stilts, extensive prostheses, and real-life body doubles. For folks who are already a fan of the show, though, you’ll know that Leti has the best style—and it’s so easy to recreate. Not to mention it’s highly distasteful. Halloween is so much more than a date on the calendar: It’s a way of life.

Cultural appropriation, the inappropriate use of ideas, symbols or stereotypes pertaining to another culture, is a common offense among Halloween costumes that are online, in stores or homemade. To get the ‘Greaser’ full effect, use pomade in your hair. Put your chunky dad sneakers and summer’s tie-dye trend to good use and DIY your own camp kid Halloween costume this year. All you’ll need are some high-waisted mom jeans, an oversized t-shirt and some chunky sneakers. There are plenty of effortless ensembles that can be created with a rummage through your closet and a quick trip to the store—think a balloon-infused walking bubble bath look—to hilarious costumes from fast-shipping online retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

There are videos online that explain how to make homemade angel wings, however you can buy them so cheap at Amazon, there really is no need to make any (unless of course you want to, for fun). Luckily there are Cinderella costumes for infants through adults, including a Cinderella Deluxe Plus Adult Costume. In case you missed it, custom halloween costumes the ’90s are back in a big way—making it easier than ever to create a ’90s-inspired Halloween costume. The classic ’90s sitcom Sister Sister has been released on Netflix (!), and odds are, you’ve been binging it. If you and your BFF (or actual sister) need last-minute costumes, try dressing up as Tia and Tamera from the show. Luckily, dressing up as Carole Baskin is ridiculously easy. Here are some black leather jacket Mad Max costume ideas that are perfect for making a totally awesome adult man’s Mad Max costume. Cartoons like Bakugan, Star Wars the Clone Wars and Pokemon are taking over television sets in family living rooms and they are also the more popular costume choices among youngsters these days.

I can put a box over my kids’ heads. 5. Wear the costume over a long-sleeved shirt and black leggings. For this WFH costume all you need is to do your hair, makeup, and wear a stylish shirt, then pair that with some extremely casual bottoms, socks, and/or slippers. Easy. All you really need to do is wear a cute bikini and tie something around your wrist that resembles the wristbands worn on the show. If you need a few ideas to get you started, we recommend starting with a pair of high-waisted jeans and a simple-but-trendy crop top. Just pair all the leopard print clothing you have together, don a flower crown and you’re set.

You’re going to see Tiger King costumes everywhere this Halloween, so you might as well lean in. Do you think it’s OK to dress up in one of these costumes for Halloween? I’m sure no one has ever said that, but why not? This ghoulish, cartoon-looking lime-green latex mask is one of the many available mask options on the site. The Plague Doctor — a physician who treated patients from the bubonic plague, better known as the Black Plague — used the beaked mask as a form of personal protective equipment. This gory-looking “virus” mask is another of several available on the site.

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