Your favorite character from The Addams Family: For Wednesday, wear all black from head to toe, costume shop braid your hair in two and don’t forget to play the part. You can also buy various matching accessories such as headpieces, masks, swords and capes etc., used by the characters and get the perfect look of the character you are playing. And who knows, maybe you’ll love the look so much you’ll finally commit to the real deal. The person who dresses up like a ghost first and says “boo” toward the camera wins. SWORD tents, agents and vehicles become carnival tents, clowns/entertainers and funnel cake trucks… And Darcy, who got nabbed/handcuffed to a truck, well, we don’t know her fate just yet. “You can talk to me.” Wanda searches herself, and admits, “I don’t know how I did it.

Another inexpensive model from Carter’s, you know it’s going to be toasty and easy to throw on. Next, I’m going to share how you can guide your headband through the two slits. “When life gives you lemons…”: Make a name tag for your shirt that says “life” and carry some lemons to share with others. A Fancy Nancy costume will make Halloween absolutely marvelous. Take this year to impress yourself and make your best costume yet. Coordinate with your roommate to have a Halloween costume that compliments each other. No, that’s not one of your old college essays your child dug out of the memory bin, it’s the latest Halloween costume catalog that he graciously annotated with a permanent red marker.

No, Pietro says he is impressed! Sitting down at the Town Square Scare, Pietro asks Wanda, “Where were you hiding all these kids until now? When Pietro quips, “Don’t sweat it, sis! I’m happy to say that I learned about Accessible Halloween when I played in the national power chair hockey tournament this past summer. And finally, Halloween costumes! For costumes a bit more simple, how about the Men in Black—all you need is a pair of black sunglasses, black jackets, jeans or slacks and you’re an agent. KANSAS CITY, Mo. — If you’re searching for a Halloween costume at the last minute, FOX4’s Michelle Bogowith is here to help. For Gomez, use black pants or slacks, black button up, suspenders if you’ve got them, slick your hair back and you’re set.

Smarty-pants: Take some Smarties candy and use double-stick tape to attach the rolls to a pair of pants. One of you is Bob wearing jeans and a collar shirt, while the other wears a white shirt, black pants and lets Bob do the painting. Every guy dreams of a Supportive Hamburger Wife, including Bob from Bob’s Burgers. You can even be Bob Ross with a canvas. The Office Halloween costumes: Whether you want to be a three-hole punch like Jim or a black cat inspired by Pam, The Office has some great, simple costume ideas you can recreate from your wardrobe.

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