Searching for the perfect best friends Halloween costume can make you feel like you’re in your own personal horror movie called Night Of The Living Dull, online costume stores but there is a way out of this haunted house. Amazon reviewers say it looks great and it’s perfect for the costume. Waited until the last minute to figure out your Halloween costume? One of the easiest ways to utilize a face mask this Halloween is to go dressed as a mummy. Consider a face mask just another accessory, and you’re sure to forget you’re even wearing one. A vampire is a classic Halloween costume, but when you’re trying to keep your face and nose covered, it can get a bit tricky.

To get started (and figure out which characters you can most easily pull off), you may need to go digging in your closet. All you’ll need to do is put on a white face mask, then wrap yourself in gauze—or, as timely nod, some toilet paper. If you want to do something a little extra, too, you can always get some decorative spider webs and wrap them around yourself. Bonus if you can get your kids to play the bearded leprechaun! This punny take on your favorite Italian sauce is sure to get laughs at any Halloween party. Published by HMH Books, “Curious George Goes to a Costume Party” and “Curious George Haunted Halloween” both feature the loveable character experiencing a memorable Halloween. Even sans Happy Tree, this costume is still party material, especially when you pose with a paint pallet in photos. Keep the clothing of the costume the same, but instead of tying back your hair with a bandana, opt for a red bandana face mask instead!

Give your mermaid costume a bit of pizazz with this sequin-covered face mask. The 101 Dalmatians prequel is intended to give Cruella De Vil, one of Disney’s most infamous villains, halloween store online her own origin story. I think this idea would be cute as the Hawaiian shirt version of Ken from Toy Story 3, but any variation would work. She’s got five easy (and punny) costumes you can probably make out of things in your closet — or at least with very little work. If fully committing to dressing up isn’t your thing, and you’d prefer to keep things subdued with a Halloween T-shirt, why not find (or make) a mask that will still capture the spooky spirit?

Because the mail-order site has in-house models and isn’t beholden to approval from big box vendors, Quintana can design and photograph a costume so it’s available within 72 hours. You can easily match the mask to your mermaid tale, or go minimalist with just a shell bra (think Ariel from The Little Mermaid) and this sequin mask. Things may look a little different this Halloween, but that’s no reason to stop the fun of the holiday. Just throw on head-to-toe animal print and finish the look off with a tiger face mask. This year, try wearing an all-black ensemble—complete with a black cape—then throw on this vampire face mask to complete the look.

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