I cried so hard my father carried me off the stage, Get A Cos laughing too. I was supposed to be barefoot and carried a sickle my father made out of duct tape and a back scratcher. Greg Dietzenbach, a creative director and father of two from Iowa, made a one-of-a-kind costume modeled after a Zoom meeting for his 12-year-old daughter Ada. Until then, I’m going to be annoyingly adamant about what my daughter wears on Halloween, and this year we’re going for easy, clever, and adorable. So while you wax nostalgic and think trendy thoughts in regards to your own costume, here are a few options you can consider for your little one this year. Can you help us?

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Can you help us at a critical time? If you missed our Kickstarter campaign you can still become a supporter and get to vote on the new costumes. My wife was a monkey, and I was a gorilla, both of us wearing full body costumes that were agonizingly hot on a warm October day in Florida. I wore brown tattered pants that went to mid-calf and a brown shirt my mother sewed that V-ed deeply at the neck and was baggy on my body. I bought a cheap fishing net at the hardware store and wore cargo shorts and a white T-shirt and was the dogcatcher. Because I was five, because I didn’t understand anything, because then I was always laughed at, not with, I cried. I cried so hard tears smeared my mustache, and it looked as if I had rolled in dirt. You can put assemble most of these costumes with just a little face paint and regular kids’ clothes.

Our sincere wish is that these Buddhist teachings, guided practices, and stories can be a balm in these difficult times. We want to provide even more Buddhist wisdom but our resources are strained. Cute is easy when kids are little, but clever is a little more difficult to come by when your mini-me is, well, mini. Lil Huddy, or Chase Hudson, is another TikToker famous for, well, just being on TikTok and doing his thing (and sometimes causing drama with other TikTokers). They just might cast a spell on Mama and make her opt for handmade (with the added benefit of someone else doing the work!) this Halloween.

We are one of Australia’s largest online retailers of Halloween costumes, accessories and party supplies. And if the party you’re at isn’t everything you’d hoped for, well, halloweencostumes at least you have some snacks. This simple three-piece set gets the idea across just as well, and it’ll appeal to little lions who prefer a fancier look, or who live in areas where it stays warm even in late October. The idea was he’d transfer his love and affection for Dorothy to the “monkey.” We all know Stanley is a yutz, so grab a silly sweater, some dockers, and this wig and you’ll be set. If you’re not sure where to start, get inspired by characters from history and movies, books, and TV shows you love.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration to DIY a costume with your best friend or would rather get a full look shipped to your front door, we have everything you need to make Halloween 2020 totally righteous. Two of the best parts of Halloween are the creepy costumes and the spooky shows and movies, and sometimes, these two elements combine for greatness. The candy, the haunted houses (if they’re into that), and the costumes get everyone into the spooky spirit. Step out of your comfort zone, and get ready to be dazzled by these unique handmade costumes from creative folks who sell their wares on Etsy.

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