The model then took to social media to tease fans in a generic gold Cleopatra costume, halloween costume stores near me only to then arrive in head-to-toe sequins and the iconic gold face we know and love today! Your group can go with a pun costume, a pop culture moment, a scary ensemble, or, yes, even as a whole decade. Sometimes just shopping in the dollar store can be inspirational. Purchase pink feathers from a craft store and use fabric glue to attach them to the sleeves to add to the authenticity of flamingo costumes. The clothing at a second hand store is generally less expensive than a new costume or new material at a fabric store. 3. Designers can produce a Halloween costume in a matter of days.

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If a business miscalculates the popularity of a given theme, they might be stuck with overstock until they can find a better idea to hang on it. Extravagant custom tailoring jobs aside, Halloween costumes are a business of instant demand and instant gratification—inventory needs to be plentiful in order to fill the deluge of orders that come in a short frame of time. A lot of costume interest comes from what’s been making headlines in the fall: Costumers have to be ready to meet that demand. Disney characters are always the safest bet when coming up with Halloween costume ideas, but not when you’re Heidi Klum.

Even though being a cat is forever one of the most unoriginal Halloween costume ideas, there is something still so epic to this day about seeing Heidi Klum dressed in cat suit and hissing at photographers. This cute, two-piece cat outfit is perfect for moms-to-be who are really showing, but it’s also a fun, informal pregnancy announcement if your bump is still small. DIY costumes are the perfect solution to any Halloween stumper. Others require a little bit of creativity and DIY magic to achieve the look. While fans are still not exactly sure whether 2010’s look is meant to be a superhero or a robot, Klum arrived looking like she had just stepped out of a “Transformers” movie. “It was like I was somebody famous,” said Calvin. Dad puts on the feet while Calvin stands, then helps Calvin get his shoes on. “We would see what worked and what didn’t,” said Kevin, then try something else.

All you need is a regular doctor’s costume and then you can add glasses and a Dr. Fauci nametag. 4. Beyonce can help move stale inventory. Lil Huddy can always be spotted wearing black nail polish, so make sure to paint a couple coats to complete the ensemble. Just make up your own Mad Max name and backstory, and you’re all set. After you’re done, everyone else wipes their board clean and tries again. This TikTok cutout board is the easiest “costume” to show everyone what you are: a TikTok influencer, duh! “You get looks at a party dressed as an Ebola worker,” Weeks says.

To get a better sense of what goes into those lurid, funny, and occasionally outrageous disguises, we spoke to a number of designers who are constantly trying to react to an evolving seasonal market. The model’s playful sense of humor certainly came across in 2013’s look where she seemingly aged over 60 years, arriving as her 95-year-old self! Fully aware of her reign over the ghoulish holiday, Klum has been known to tease fans on social media about possible costume options, usually intending to throw them off track. Here’s what we learned about what sells, what doesn’t, and why adding a “sexy” adjective to a Halloween costume doesn’t always work.

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