As simple as it may be, Get A Cos you can take the skeleton costume to the next level with inspired makeup. Create your getup from simple materials you likely already own, halloween websites like overalls and a yellow shirt. Depending on how crafty you are, you can keep this family costume simple — like wearing an animal mask or wrapping a leopard-print scarf around your body — or get really creative, like creating a papier mache giraffe head. Go for the vinyl jumpsuit or a red leather jacket to get the look. You can easily create this look with a zipped-up leather jacket, or splurge on the full costume with gloves included.

Splurge for this full look or throw a witch hat on with a prairie dress, and you’re done! Slip on your baby-friendly little black dress, plus a black witch’s hat, and a wig for a spooky ensemble. And, when you ditch the costume post-Halloween, you might even want to slip the accessory on from time to time. Also, even if your costume is pulled together from a few clothes and scraps lying around your house, it still has tons of potential to be the absolute coolest. As always, children this year will be pulling from pop culture, dressing up as their favorite TV and film characters, superheroes, and even a popular app character.

One of the OG pop stars in the best music video of all time is the perfect costume to choose. We love how creative stars can get with their matching ensembles and how adorable they look dressed up with their BFs and GFs. If you are not a fairy tale fan yourself, here are some ideas on what you can get for your daughter. In fact, you could probably win a contest with some of the ideas below. Whether this is your first pregnancy or you were not showing during October for your last pregnancy, these pregnancy Halloween costume ideas will no doubt win you the best costume award in our book.

Halloween is a wonderful time to teach children the value of recycling and reusing items. Whatever you choose to dress up as, a pair of overalls will save you so much time and stress on October 31. Ready to see more easy, last-minute costumes that revolve around denim dungarees? You send ’em and receive ’em every single day, and now it’s time to celebrate all your favorite emojis with these adorable — and so easy! Another excuse to be clad in all-black — and put your cat ear headband to use. Finish it off with teased blonde hair and a muted headband to really lean into the early ’00s vibes.

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