This costume comes in 1-2 years, small, medium and large sizes. Klum went with big hair and a bleeding heart for her vampire costume. All you need are some dungarees and a few additional pieces—like a bow hair clip for Michelle and Dr. Martens for Tai—and you’re set. Here are a few quick ideas to get you started. “He started with the Transformer: Bumblebee, but when his little brother was born, he ‘graduated’ to being the leader, Optimus Prime,” said Asuncion. “He loves it,” Asuncion, of Oradell, New Jersey, told ABC News. Well, great news — no need for outerwear with this furry find.

Abstract Particles This creepy clown costume inspired by Pennywise from It gives us all the creeps — in a good way. Believe it or not, it halloween costume it’s not all play for Beau and Kaya — they help their dad along every step of the way. — — Dad Lawrence Asuncion is helping his little Optimus Prime win at trick-or-treating this year. The creative dad even added LEDs to “light him up for trick-or-treating,” a feature that the father will reveal this weekend. With boo-tiful details and even a little sparkle, your trick-or-treater will be skipping down the yellow brick road. Take a look at these costume ideas for men that even the busiest guy can handle.

While it is not logical or even technically possible for a thermos to be everything from being telescope to a vacuum cleaner, it is still a funny, quirky part of the film and, by far, halloween costumes com it’s one true star. Here’s another awesome couples costume idea for Halloween – Juno and Paulie from the film Juno. Don’t have a Halloween costume yet? The adult teapot costume is one option, or you could snag a cool tea shirt for a simpler vibe. 3. Wear the costume over a long-sleeve shirt and a pair of black leggings. Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore and Rabbit, are indeed children’s favorite Disney character costumes to wear. So scrumptious you may just want to wear it year-round. Dress up as the Strawberry Challenge by wearing a strawberry costume (you can also carry about a bottle of water that says “salt water” on it, if you really want to drive the point home).

Need more ways to dress a set of siblings? For example, should your girl dress as Cinderella, she could very well reveal to you that she needs to be back home prior to midnight.girl clown costume This bag is actually sold as a women’s bag, but would work well for either gender as an accessory for a Mad Max costume in the dark brown color. Another tip: If you don’t have a big group to go with on Halloween, you can also go as Max and her stepbrother Billy, another new character this season. But this isn’t little Lawson’s first rodeo dressing up as a “Transformers” character.

In Hubie Halloween, Sandler stars as the titular character Hubie who spends every Halloween looking out for the residents of his hometown, Salem, as he sincerely believes that the town is unsafe on that particular night every year. Instead, he’s the target of incessant bullying from everyone in town that ranges from name-calling to dangerous physical pranks. Over the years, Hubie has amassed exceptional precision when it comes to ducking objects thrown at him by town bullies. Remember when your Mom made you put on a coat over your costume? This easy DIY Flamingo costume requires no-sewing! It requires four AAs, though you can also plug it into a USB power bank if you have one.

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