Once you become a parent, the halloween store Halloween is all about finding a cute costume that will keep the baby warm or locating that popular superhero outfit your little guy is desperate to wear for trick-or-treating. Russell’s outfit had so many little things to put together. As Refinery29 noted, Amazon features a bunch of adorable Animal Crossing cosplay apparel and accessories like this Tom Nook shirt and an Isabelle outfit. We’ve brought together easy, inexpensive DIY costumes inspired by television shows and movies including Riverdale and Wonder Woman, social media fundamentals like emojis and hashtags and even a few ready-made getups that are seriously funny (check out the inflatable tub). When the kids come home from trick or treating, we make sure to check their bags and take out questionable items like fruit or loose candy that looks like it has been tampered with.

To avoid the ultimate sugar crash, and make our dentist proud, we have come up with some treat ideas that are healthier and more creative than just buying a bag of candy to distribute to the little neighborhood goblins.. Calvin didn’t really get the idea of going around and holding out his bag for candy, and instead just wandered around the store, finding himself being tripped over by the other trick-or-treaters. He began causing quite a disturbance when people started getting out their phone and taking pictures of him. As the sun rises northeast and sets in the northwest, people stand inside the ancient monument facing northeast and look at the sun that appears like a blazing fire. DemoDay by dressing up in your ready-to-reno look with a drill, hammer, or tool of your choice.

Dress up as the Strawberry Challenge by wearing a strawberry costume (you can also carry about a bottle of water that says “salt water” on it, if you really want to drive the point home). I cut out 4 peel pieces, 4 inner peel half pieces, 4 banana hat pieces (one with a face openeing cut into it, halloween costume websites and one folded strip to finish around the face opening. I sewed all the white pieces to the peel and then sewed all but one set of peel edges together. Bananas don’t have horizontal seams so when attaching the hat make sure to sew the edges only to the white lining of the peel pieces.

Then they have you run it under water until it runs clear, and then you iron it. Draw out the face onto felt and cut it out, then glue the head piece to a headband. I loved figuring out ways to scale everything down to Calvin size. And between the clanging of his backpack and the balloons tied to him, we could hear and see Calvin no matter where he was at the party! On Friday, we went to our church Halloween party. With a mix of clever puns, pop-culture references, and hands-down hysterical outfits, these costumes will make Halloween a night of horror and humor. Or if you have a large group you can dress up in the costumes of different character of the same cartoon series.

From a nod to punny references that will bring the laughs to group costumes that everyone will want to be a part of, this year is all about the creativity. With so many costumes to choose from, you can easily make this Halloween one to remember. One woman took a picture, and then another man ran up saying, “You’re doing pictures?!” and whipped out his iPhone to snap a quick shot too. Then, I just cut them out and sewed them on the little sash I made! I was able to find the perfect little things to go on it.

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