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Since almost every girl owns at least one LBD, this costume can be thrown together very quickly. Last but not least is the nerdiest (but equally as awesome) costume on this list – Princess Leia. Don’t worry, there are several easy last minute Halloween costumes ideas that you can put together at a moment’s notice. Here are 31 last minute costumes for guys to wear on Halloween that prove a lack of planning is the ultimate catalyst for creativity. Ok, this was seriously a last minute effort – I had like 30 minutes to get my daughter and myself ready for a Halloween party and well, I didn’t have anything ready.

Vintage Miriam Haskell Beaded Coral Art Glass Dress Clip (222) #MiriamHaskell - Miriam haskell jewelry, Dress clip, Beaded - 웹 5 or less and will take just 20 minutes to make. What really brings this costume to life is the accessories: a black fedora, a red bow tie, an umbrella, fishnets, and black heels or flats will have you feeling just like Julie Andrews. Round out the look with red or black heels and you’re all set! It’s already instantly recognizable, and with the help of a white dress and black belt you’ll be the talk of the party. To create this costume, pair a yellow dress with white knee-high socks, ankle boots (or Mary-Janes if you have them), and an umbrella. Pair your favorite black dress with a red infinity scarf looped over your head to create a makeshift hood. Just rock all pink and attach a flip flop to a headband (left over from the poor soul who stepped on you) — bam, you’re bubble gum!

You can emulate Thing One and Thing Two’s vibrant blue hair with hair chalk (if you’re feeling fancy) or a blue headband. Just for fun, add some blue tipped eyelashes and off you go to save Jake, getacos the planet and the people. In desperate need of a last-minute Halloween costume? Better yet, a costume you can put together with items that are likely already in your closet? Have no fear, I’m here to save the day. You should already be able to find most – if not all – of these clothes in your closet, or a friend’s closet. Also, raise your hand if you’ve got an old cat, zebra, tiger, leopard, etc. costume laying around unused in your closet.

Here are 12 creative last-minute Halloween costume ideas you can easily pull off and maybe even win a costume contest or two with. Funny pun costumes are a classic Halloween tradition, where to get halloween costumes so let’s throw back some apple cider sangria and get this party started. A fairytale favorite, Little Red Riding Hood is a classic yet often overlooked costume. Put on your favorite red dress and print out or draw a circular sign with either “Thing 1” or “Thing 2” on it. Bonus points if you can find someone to dress up as the Beast with you! To find out the answer, just click the costume in the collage below! As we know for many, it’s crunch time to find a great Halloween costume.

Let us know in the comments section! I did not know that. You can get creative and have a lot of fun with couples outfits for any costume party, whether it’s Halloween time or not. Wear clothes you can get on and off very easily. Hit up the dollar store for a cheap basket (Tip: use the basket as a purse if you’re going out!) and wear some optional knee highs with heels to dress it up even more. The two spared no expense as they even filmed a mini music video just like the hit song. The Goonies from Boulder will be playing live music from 12-3 p.m. Breckoween is an open costume contest featuring live music by Lucid Vision. It has become an annual tradition for me to scour the interwebs to gather up a brand new collection of Punny Halloween Costume Ideas for us all to savor!

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